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And there are 3 ingredients that are corn based here! They throw in a great cause of food allergies wheat and some brewers yeast for good measure. For the price they are charging, they definitely could have used rice or barley , but they used the cheapest and worst grains you can use. Also, is salt that high up on the list really necessary?

This gets the stars for the meat sources, but nothing else. For the best prices why not order on Chewy. Make the switch to better nutrition. Switch to RAW! Our barf dog food mimics what nature has designed our pet's to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies and digestive problems! It is with heavy heart that I have to announce the closure of the Flint River Ranch Company at end of business today; February 15, We have tried to overcome our challenges for these past 2 months, but we have been unable to garner the necessary support to return to normal operations as we had intended.

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No more ear infectons and allergies. Again, thank you very much for taking the time to handle our issue. Lon K. He had a long and healthy life right up to his last day. A big part of that was because of you. He was loved and cared for by his family. Since them I've gotten married and had two daughters. Rhoadie has been a major part of our family. I am so grateful to have used Flint River for my pal.

I look forward to it. Thank you so much for always having great customer service and an outstanding dog food. It has always been appreciated. Ken G. I gave them a five star review and would have given ten stars if I could have! They even slept with them. Thank you for putting such an amazing product out there for such a reasonable price. I am recommending these to every one I know who has a dog! Did I tell you I love your product? Amy V. September, I just wanted to tell you how amazing the Flint River cat food has turned out to be!

I have been on the auto ship plan for my dogs for quite a while, and am extremely happy with the product and convenience. We live in a very small community and purchasing high quality dog food has always been an issue. So Flint River for my dogs has been a blessing. Several months ago, my son got a rescue cat from a shelter. He lives in a large town, with plenty of cat food options. He adopted a Siamese mix with an incredible disposition.

His coat was so brittle and sparse. However, after several months of Flint River therapy, I was over at their house yesterday, and the difference was amazing! His eyes are bright and having him rub against me has become a delight. I just want to stroke him all over! I am so glad to be able to provide your product for all our family. Donna R. He could eat it more efficiently and safely.

Sometimes he choked a bit on the small pieces. I had forgotten that. But as an older dog who needed the millet grain formula , he eats more "maturely" and mostly could handle the small pieces this time around. However, we both vastly prefer the new kibble. It is heartier and thus more easy for him to get into his mouth and crunch! It's more satisfying, is what my human perspective on it is! Pia A.

We have an old English Bulldog who would normally leave a food trail from his food bowl into the living room. And would have crumbs sticking to his chin for hours Thank you very much! Jessica H. Well, the Dachshunds love it! They are two happy little campers and bark a big thank you! Dianne C. But once she got hungry and tried it -no problem! My dog is a happy,healthy 9 year old Cocker Spaniel with the softest shiniest coat of fur! My friends use cheap dog food and their animals have itchy skin diseases and stink. I love and trust FFR!

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Frances C. We like it so much better and out Thanks for the improvement! Since he started eating the lamb and rice he has not needed any allergy drugs and has had no skin problems. September, Well, you may have only changed the shape, but you certainly won over my two boys with the change. They had one bowl of their old kibble left and when I filled the second bowl with the new style kibble, I noticed the new kibble was gobbled up and the old kibble was left untouched.

I waited until the next day to see if they would finish it up and found Marley scooping the old food onto the floor to see if new version was hidden below it. I promptly dismissed the idea of trying to get them to finish up the old style. Needless to say, they love the new style kibble! And it proves that my 13 year olds have no issues with new tricks and approve of your new tricks as well. Audrey L.

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After I put the filled bowls down my dogs gobbled up the food. They usually always ate their dinner but breakfast usually just sat there. Now they eat it as soon as it's offered. Thanks for filling me in on the change AND filling their tummys with the change. Three happy customers here in Warrensburg. Pat T. I appreciate no grains and my cats love it. There was no fighting to see who would win the battle of the food change over. They immediately took to it and love it. I continue to feed some canned so they get moisture, and keep lots of fresh water available.

I use to feed raw, but one of my cats ended up in ICU and the doctor thought it might be due to the raw diet, they never were sure, so this is about as close to that diet as I could get Peggy S.

She has had knee surgery from a stairs accident about 8 years ago. After that for a few years she, would get up from a nap and it would be stiff and it would hurt. Since we put her on Flint River senior dog food with glucosamine and other good stuff in it, a some years back, she has not had this problem since, and runs around like a puppy Great dog food! I tell everyone about Flint River.

As you can see, Jazzy loves to model and will stay put for a long time knowing there's a possible snack coming her way. She eats a lot of real organic food that supplements her diet. She is in perfect health, and weights about 15 pounds. She was considered too small on the small standard of small Bostons. Her intelligence made up for her size. She has an incredibly large vocabulary, we have to spell a lot around here. She never ever barks She will sit, lay down, rollover and shake hands on command. You can whisper stuff and she understands. She has been a real joy in our lives! Joni M. We always received shipments on a timely basis and everyone I have communicated with at FlintRiver have always been kind, responsive and have always provided good customer service to me throughout that time.

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Winnie, a Belgian Sheepdog mix, ate FlintRiver Ranch for most of her life and enjoyed it up until the last several months as her health was declining. Living for 15 years is remarkable for a medium to large size dog and I truly believe the quality food your company produces contributed to a large part of her good health and longevity! Laura K. Everybody comments on how lean she looks and how shiny her coat is. We are pretty sure it is the food. She has been eating FRR from the time she was 6 months. She was born with right, front "elbow" dysplasia.

The vet talked about surgery, but we declined at the time. We moved to country when she turned 6 months and a friend told us about FRR and that it may help heal her ailment. She is an unfenced, unleashed dog roaming 60 acres daily and she had no sign of the ailment after 6 months of FRR and plenty of daily exercise. We like to attribute her healing to both! The vet was excited to see her self-healing and her excellent health. We have referred FRR food to many people and their pets and those who have made the switch have had great results.

Everybody always comments on greater consistency of bowel movements and a decrease in stool size. That always cracks me up, but it is true and shows the health benefit of the food. A few people who tried to make the move had pets that just wouldn't take to the food, generally smaller breeds. We appreciate the quality and care used in the preparation of your products and will continue to refer folks to you.

Jason B. I live in Mexico though the food is shipped to CA and the choices here are slim and premium dog food is not available. I am so glad I can order excellent nutritious food for my dogs, have it shipped to my mailing address and know my dogs are getting great food. They are healthy, happy 10 and 13 year old Dachshunds! I hear so many stories of dog food recalls so I'm delighted to have a quality food that I don't have to worry about and my dogs are so healthy and happy! Recently I purchased the new grain free formula and my cats go crazy over this food.

They think our house is a racetrack and race each other around the house at lightning speed. I can't slow them down. We have two cats Sweet Pea 5 years old, and our new kitten Daisy who is about 6 months old. I like it. Keep up the good work over at Flint River. Bruce M. I love that it helps them not shed! Thank you for making ordering SO easy, and thank you for your great customer service!

Deirdre S. She was our Son Troy's 13th birthday present. A few years ago she became deathly ill, lost 20lbs and had a small stroke that left one side of her face limp, and the vet said it was from grain allergies. My son was working for K9 Basics dog training in NJ at the time and they recommended your food It saved her life! She has been healthy ever since. Katherine R. Of course that is old news since I have been using this food for a long time But now I have finally convinced one of my brothers to buy flint river.

They received their first order from you last week.

Two more dogs on a wonderful food! And two less at risk for dying from contaminated dog food! I love your company. Many people rave about my dogs shiny and healthy fur coast. I enthusiastically tell them that Flint River Ranch has the best dog food and provides great health benefits and a beautiful fur coat for my dogs!!

Amy D. My lab loves all of the Flint River foods, but my shepherd is picky. When she smelled the food in her dish she just dug right in. Where I could seldom get her to eat a cup of food morning and night. Now she's eating cups at each meal. Thank you Flint River for developing the duck food. We recommend it highly even if your dog is able to digest all the other foods.

Thanks again, Linda and Woody Linda E. Within 3 years she stopped having the seizures, some say she out grew them, but I know it was the healthy food she was eating. Now she's developed sevier allergies and is doing so much better on the new food. Jane H. I have been feeding my dog Flint River Ranch for almost 11 years now. My furry family has grown to eight dogs now, and they are thriving on this food!

I think you'll find that this food helps tremendously. We rescued two pup that were roadside dumps at 4 weeks old. They were plagued with Demodex Mites. We had them treated, and kept them on FRR Kibble since then. I'm happy to say, they are now almost 13 years old and act like 3 year olds. Henry and Deadre B.

He rescued us when we lived in Iowa. He is very handsome, loyal, and well behaved. His name is Murphy and he loves to chase squirrels, bunnies, and birds. He likes long walks, sleeping, and Flint River treats. When we leave him at our dog walker's house when we go out of town, he refuses to eat any dog food that is not Flint River.

So our dog walker has to come to our house to get more food if he runs out. Other dogs staying with her love to eat Murphy's food. I give our dog walker packages of your treats several times a year to have on hand for Murphy and other dogs. I tell everyone, including our vet, about Flint River. Murphy and the dog we had before Murphy, always have had Flint River food. Thank you for asking about the World's Best Dog!

Oh, Murphy loves the deer antlers! Connie S. Remember that we added the old spayed retired rescue mother LAB dog to our chihuahua pack recently?

FREE Sample of Flint River Ranch Healthy Pet Food for Dogs and Cats from A+ Flint River Ranch

She was very very sick and took a lot of nursing,vetting, and daily care and was doing ok, but not what I like to see in a healthy dog Amazing difference from the ones that she was on. I was horrified to learn that the Costco food that she was on was made by Diamond Foods!!! She had the oddest behavior of drinking gallons of water on it and had bloat-plus she did not want to eat it at all When I looked online and saw they made the food we had her on, I was horrified to read these same symptoms in many dogs that died in days of eating it.

She even comes to tell me when it is time for her to eat!!! No joke! THANK you for this wonderful good food that we can trust! Betty H. One time we ran out so I bought two different bags of chow produced by the big guys but my dog would NOT eat either of them. No matter what I mixed it with, he picked out all the pieces and we ended up with sticky wet kibble all over the kitchen floor.

Dinnertime didn't go back to normal until our Flint River shipment showed up, ha, ha! Maggie C. We took her to the vet and everything checked out. We tried every kind of food and also had to cook her chicken and rice everyday but still had issues. I friend of ours told us to try your product a couple of months ago and we were amazed of the results. Tressa loves your food and can't wait for her dinner. Our vet was also amazed of the results. It was months and endless doctor visits.

When we go out of town, Shannon would have to make her food for the her stay at our doggy resort. Shannon would have to cook rice and chicken all night, then portion it out in containers. It was a blessing when we found your food. We cannot thank you enough for your product, again thank you so much from our family.

The Vet wanted me to buy prescription dog food. I bought one bag and googled the ingredients. That's how I found Flint River. It's good stuff. I also buy him the treats. He gets store-bought treats once in a great while, and his grandparents seem to believe he has to have Milk Bones, but at home, he just gets Flint River, and he has yet to turn one down. Denise M. They are Siamese mix and totally wonderful with my 2 little girls.

They love your food the best and in the past one had urinary crystals. Everything was fine and then I went off Flint River and bought some cheap stuff and then he got sick: But that's in the past and I am glad I am back to Flint River. Thank You! Lori T. The food you provide is great because once we switched to your food we have never had a skin problem with either of them. We switched a while ago. I think approximately 10 years ago We used to have skin problems with our bassets even though we paid a lot for their food and used what the vet had at their office.

The one basset that died was 14 years old so that says a lot about the quality of your dog food. We started using the new one where you add water to it and putting on top of the dry food. We love how interchangeable the dog foods are such that it doesn't cause stomach loose stools. Tina W. You guys are always awesome and the shipping is lightening fast. Your products are so superior and I love that I can treat my dogs to great food for a good price.

Thank you for being you. Please do not ever stop doing what you are doing. Emmy G. I have no time to do the doggie BARF diet- and this is the closest thing to it without the hassle. What a terrible name- WHO came up with that name for a natural diet for dogs? I recommend it to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen to me. Michelle B.

I did try Blue Buffalo a few months ago but noticed that the food seemed to go right through Blizzard - within an hour and a half she needed to go outside, then her stool started to turn very dark and by 2 weeks of her being on the food I started to notice she wasn't digesting all of it. Enough for me, back to Flint River where she has no problems with the food, really enjoys it, her digestive issue cleared right up and she's a very happy, healthy 14 year old Westie. Kathie Y. He is black and white and weighs 75 pounds. He has had problems with loose stools all of his life.

I have tried many brands of "natural" preservative free commercial dog foods and even cooked food for him. I added pumpkin, oatmeal, etc. The problem would clear up temporarily but recur. I took Wrangell to a veterinarian in Longmont, CO that specializes in dog digestive problems.

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He diagnosed Wrangell with colitis and prescribed a powdered supplement and advised that I either needed to cook fresh food for Wrangell or feed him FlintRiver. I tried cooking food but he didn't always want to eat it, plus it was very time consuming. I decided to try FlintRiver two months ago and the results have been amazing. He loves the Trout and Potato Nugget and he now has normal stools. I am hoping he continues to enjoy the food. He is a very finicky eater, and FlintRiver is the first dog food that he liked immediately and continues to like.

Thanks for making such a nutritious, wholesome dog food that is commercially available. Elaine G. Cannot thank you enough and my little Marshall can't thank you enough for eliminating an operation!! He is my chunky monkey little Bichon Frise and he is thrilled he has avoided surgery!! The doctor was quite pleased when he saw the stones reduced in size and questioned how it was possible He said, "Well, it's working Denise H. Ava had a ton of issues with food, so finding Flint River Ranch was a huge blessing.

For awhile she was on prescription food but it made her so nauseous she actually passed out once, which was so scary. I've recommended Flint River Ranch to random strangers at the vet, to people in the store, and to friends who are trying to find the right food for their dogs. It has been a wonderful find for us! Anne K. It has helped a 13 year old dog live a better life! Your shipping is super fast and I have been very pleased! Sheila A.

Mark G. I recommend them to my friends all the time. Especially to those who have pets that are older and have some physical issues. The purity of the food seems to relieve and sometimes eliminate physical and internal challenges! We adopted her 5 years ago. She will be 12 this year. The food Flint River makes is truly a miracle. She never grows tired of it, and it keeps her healthy I gave up on it when she went a few days without eating it.

I was told about FR foods from a good friend of mine who is a dog handler at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, and I haven't bought a different brand since! Sara S. They love it and so do their little bellies! I am so happy to have them back on Flint River like I mentioned I have never really felt settled about switching last year. Thanks again for your help. Annette M. I do not feed any supplements to my dogs only your food and their coats are beautiful. Thank you for making such a high quality dog food.

Kathy W. One is a puppy. The older one is very picky about her food. We found a couple of other brands that they liked but they were scratch alot and their tear staining came back. They loved both the nuggets and the kibble. However I am ordering the kibble because a think it's a little easier for them to eat.

I gave some to my daughter for her yorkie. She would only eat a little of her food unless they added gravy to it. She too had allergy problems takes medicine for it. She loves it also. It's nice to have a good quality food that is not as costly as what I was buying. Amy H. I have to grind it into much smaller pieces for him. Vicki D. One of my pugs was adopted from a pug rescue at 8 years old. I had a hard time finding a food for him. He would eat, but then I would find small piles of vomit around the house.

I was told to try a food with lamb. This eventually led me to Flint River Ranch food. They all love it. Toby is now 14 years old and doing great. My other pug, Freddy Jones, is almost 7 and in great health. I always get comments on how shiny and healthy my dogs' coats are. I credit the FRR food. Their stool level is lower on FRR food. I love the convenience of on-line ordering and having it delivered to the house. I don't believe in feeding cheap food, because it ends up being a waste of money anyway.

Our dogs are part of our family. Christine, M. Ruby O'Reilly was a surprise for our son, and is now 5 years old. Right away the problems began. The food the breeder sent caused violent diarrhea. Problem is, Ruby does not eat much of it unless I mix it with the wet food and then she gets diarrhea We got Rosie in the hopes that she would ease our pain in losing Ruby, who was predicted to pass away at a very young age. I decided to try Flint River Senior Plus from my own research and Ruby eats it better than she has ever eaten anything! The fact is, Ruby should not be here We believe that adding Rosie to our family brought Ruby back to life.

They eat competitively, frolic like puppies, sleep together, etc. My husband had been carrying Ruby to bed every night because she could barely stand. Now, she plays again. She runs. She is no longer on prescription meds they made her feel terrible and did not change her diagnosis. Rosie, who's now 3 years old, is goofy, very loving and probably not very smart. Ruby is brilliant, neurotic and high maintenance.

Together they are amazing. So is Flint River. My girls eat your food the BEST of any we have tried. I showed the label to the vet and he approved. I am a fan. Linda K. They are all fed your Fish and Chips. I adopted a Rottweiler cross just one month ago and he came with long-standing digestive issues: the itching, ear infections, licking and mild chewing on his feet. Poor guyhe had spent years in poor health.

I am so happy to have him and to get him on a proper diet without the junk in most dry dog food. He is already doing better, less scratching and licking and no ear issues. I knew the moment they were describing his problems that I could clean it up with a good diet including Flint River. Thank you for your high quality products, quick shipping, and wonderful customer service! Jean H. He is now 8 years old and according to the vet last week, he has the heart of a puppy. He is very very active and folks can't believe he's eight.

We tell everyone we believe it's the Flint River food we have been feeding him since he was a puppy. He has no digestive issues, Never has gas or stomach problems and is rarely ill. Laura M. Really timely, plus product already has had positive results. My dog's teeth are noticeably whiter, his coat is shiny, and he doesn't itch anymore.